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Holy crap! Who knew recording something on a VHS tape woud make video and audio instantly vintage looking? Great work on this, it was surprising and new to see something retro and old!

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Funny as hell, a parody of every turn based RPG evaaaaa!!! Made me bust a gut laughing my ass of!


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Nothing too fancy. Short and funny. Made ME laugh, at least. The world needs more good, clean fun.

"Oh, you're just a fat woman." Ha ha...

Not bad at all!

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I didn't expect much of this game, mostly because of the name. Boy, was I wrong! The flash doesn't have a discernable plot, but then again, it's not supposed to. I was a tricky platformer...

The levels that got me were the ones with THREE layers, like the last level. All in all, a two hour experience for me.

I like how the game messes with you. You're expecting more, expecting a decent conclusion, an explanation for Steven, a hint of what's REALLY going on...

...and you get nothing. But it's okay, because the maker MEANT to screw you over!

Although, if I HAD to try to make it make sense... I would say that the bad end is where you kill yourself and Steven escapes, and the good end is where you confront Steven, recombine, and leave the box. But that's just what I think.

Kudos on a great game!

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Great job on your sub-theme (the secondary theme under the main theme)! It sounds the same way mine did when I tried to transcribe it. It has no part in some places, then moves extremely fast in other places. I ended up listening to the original a few dozen times to figure it out right.

Glad to see someone else puts effort into the little details! Kudos!

Well done, sir! I loves da 8-bit!

I was actually listening to this earlier on iTunes, since the soundtrack is out now. Very accurate, and on point with the original!

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chaoticmarin responds:

Thanks! I tried this a while back, but couldn't make it sound nice until I got all this practice with PMD1. I owe a lot of it to all the practice I got, but also to some of my friends in the music community who gave me a bit of a hand with this particular song.

Bustin' does indeed make me feel good. Kudos, dude.

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Very well done.

Great depictiopn of Yoko. I only give you a nine because of the face, honestly. The body proportions and shading are awesome: you have real talent.

The face looks too American drawn, if you ask me. That said, the face IS acceptable, and also well drawn.

I would suggest a facelift, and a little more definition on the stockings. The flames on the boots, too, look a little off. That might just be my imagination, though.

Good job! Kudos! Keep it up!

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Sabtastic responds:

Thanks :)
It's nice to get a good, honest critique.


I was looking at art with my little brother, and he said "LOOK! Metal Sonic!"

So we clicked on it and he said "LOOK, it's Metal Knuckles!"

BEFORE I read your description, I shook my head. I said "Thats not Metal KNUCKLES! Thats Metal MARIO!"

I'm a big SMBZ fan myself, so this is a bit of nostalgia for me. Alvin says the next SMBZ should be out soon, so keep your eyes open for both of us. Kudos!

Afterhumanity responds:

I will man and thank you for checking out my work!

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